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Volunteer Profile: Todd Smith

Todd Smith is a passionate advocate for workplace safety and injury prevention. He has experienced first-hand the devastating effects of a workplace tragedy. Todd’s younger brother Sean, an auto mechanic, was working under a limousine which was supported only by a jack. The jack failed and the car came down on Sean, crushing and killing him instantly. He was just 26.

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My very first friend

Sibling relationships are complex. With me and my brothers, we were friends, teammates, competitors and sometimes enemies. My childhood memories are those of camping trips, watching their hockey games, playing in our tree fort and ski trips. My adult memories were filled with Sunday dinners together, board games with lots of laughs, baseball games, sharing in the excitement of weddings and first babies. Sharing all these moments with my brother Bryan was amazing. I never thought that something could break that.

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Steps for Life: A thousand reasons to walk

We all have different reasons for the projects we tackle, the organizations we support and the ways we invest our time. This fall, volunteers across the country will be cracking open their planning books on a new season of Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy, leading up to walks from coast to coast next spring. Everyone who participates in Steps for Life has his or her own reasons.

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Getting comfortable with change on the way to growth

We get up in the morning and we think to ourselves, what does today hold for me? Many times, we would say ‘the usual’. Most of us say that we don’t like or are uncomfortable with change. I often wonder, why do we have these negative thoughts around change? If you think about it, nothing is ever the same and nothing is totally predicable in our daily lives and in our work organizations.

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5 years later: Turning the same age my big brother was when he died on the job

August 2018 will be five years since my big brother Kris was killed in an industrial accident while at work. He was instructed to enter a tank that had not been properly cleaned, to remove a baffle; a device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, liquid or gas. The baffle was double-walled with diesel fumes trapped inside. It’s at that moment, an explosion occurred and Kris was fatally injured.

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